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Birthstone of The Month:

April- Diamond

The word "diamond" comes from the Greek word adamas, meaning "unconquerable". Many people expect a diamond to be unbreakable. This is not true. A diamond's crystal structure has "hard" and "soft" directions. A blow of sufficient force, in a very exact direction, can crack, chip, split or even shatter a diamond. However, diamonds are the most popular stone in the world. They are available in a variety of colors through man made and heat treated processes as well as natural processes.

Christie's Jewelers is your jeweler for generations. We are a locally owned full service jeweler and jewelry retail store. We offer repair services on all types of jewelry as well as watches and clocks. Are you looking to get engaged? Christie's offers full bridal services and free consultations for anyone looking for that unique and perfect ring. Whether you are looking for a custom fabrication, a general jewelery repair, a watch battery replaced, or a special gift for a special someone, trust no other jeweler than Christie's.

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10:00 AM-6:00PM

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History of Christies Jewelry

Christie's Jewelry has been at this location since 2010. We have been a part of the San Marcos community for many years and love having this local business. We at Christie's Jewelry appreciate all of our customers and work to give them the best service for what they need. Whether you come in to sell your gold, sell your silver,get a watch battery, or repair your broken jewelry, we appreciate your business!

Feel free to browse our photo gallery above. It includes our recent photo shoot and a peek at some of our favorite items for purchase.